B Strong Ride's outstanding support services are provided on the tour route 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., including:

  • SAG VEHICLES provided for you and your bike if you are unable to complete the ride.
  • OUTSTANDING AID STATIONS - Lavishly stocked aid stations (3 on Mountain Loop, 2 on Red Zinger 38 & 1 on Countryside Loop) provide an assortment of food and drinks, live music, first aid supplies and toilets.
  • BIKE TECHS available to assist you at the ride start and all aid stations. Riders should carry (and know how to use) equipment to patch and change tubes. Our thanks to each of our bicycle repair vans Wheat Ridge Cyclery , Ltd Cycleworx , Trek Bicycle Boulder , Cenna Custom Cycles and Boulder Bicycle Works .
  • MEDICAL SUPPORT - B Strong has gone to great lengths to assure your safety on this ride. Ambulances, medics and radio-equipped staff will patrol the route. Our thanks to Stadium Medical for providing ambulance coverage and the physicians, nurses, paramedics and EMTs of Boulder Community Health and University of Colorado EMS for serving as vehicle and bicycle-based medics.


Your safety is our number one concern. Please read the information below and ride by it.

B Strong Ride is conducted on open roads with vehicular traffic present. These roads include both marked and unmarked hazards. B Strong Ride goes to great lengths to be as safe as possible, but each rider is only as safe as he or she rides. Please ride with your own safety in mind!

  • Beware of and yield to vehicle traffic.
  • Ride as far to the right as possible. Riding two abreast is only permitted when the shoulder is wide enough to accommodate two cyclists.
  • Obey traffic lights, stop signs and traffic rules and regulations.
  • Approved helmets are required while riding.
  • Follow the directions of police officers and safety marshals on the route.
  • NO headphones while riding!
  • Bicycle trailers and child seats are only allowed on the "Mini B" course.
  • Move completely off the road and shoulder when stopped.
  • Rearview mirrors are strongly recommended.
  • Cross railroad tracks at right angles.